Radio automation software reliability

Radio automation software reliability

Radio automation software is used by the majority of broadcasters.  There are a huge number of systems available, a quick search of the internet will show you this.

But, one of the common questions we get asked by prospective customers is ‘how reliable is Autoplus radio automaton software?’


Any professional radio automation software should be reliable.  Being totally honest, all software will have some bugs, i.e. no software is fault free.  But on the whole, professional software should function well without too many issues for long periods of time.

Software aside, there are a number of key things that we have found can cause problems.  If you are experiencing radio automation software reliability issues, it maybe worth checking the following things first:

  • Network connectivity.  How reliable is your network?  Do you have a cheap switch?  Many radio automation systems rely on playing audio from a server, so will be using your network to do this.  If you have a poor network setup there maybe times when the system cannot access the audio.  The same goes for access to a central database.  We recommend a professional managed switch.To help mitigate network connectivity issues in Autoplus radio automation software, we now include tools to help you setup fully redundant systems.  We achieve this by having MySQL databases installed on each workstation with replication.  This means you have multiple MySQL databases all keeping themselves synchronised.  Each workstation looks to it’s local MySQL database, with MySQL handling the replication.  If there are network issues the database will replicate when things are back to normal again.  We do the same with audio, our enterprise import engine handling synchronisation of audio across multiple network folders.  Each workstation has a full copy of all of the audio on your system.
  • Soundcard.  There are a huge number of soundcards available, from the in-built ones in computers to very expensive professional cards costing many thousands of pounds.   We have found that some soundcards have poor drivers.  This in turn means that when your radio automation software tries to play some audio, the soundcard may not respond as you would expect it to.
  • Computer specification.  It’s not always about having the most up-to-date machine.   In fact, we have known some radio automation software perform better on older hardware.  Check with the company that produces the software for the best hardware.  Some vendors specify that the computer should be 32bit, others are happy if the system is 64bit.