Natural Log 9 – commercial scheduling



Natural Log 9

When you buy Natural Log 9 you get many advanced features found in commercial scheduling software which cost 3 or 4 times more!  We are pleased to announce that Natural Log 9 also offers an option e-Order module. This allows account reps to enter orders from any internet connected device! E-order is available by subscription.

Radio stations often use the term ‘traffic’, which can be a little confusing – in this context it doesn’t mean traffic that you see on the road, instead it means the scheduling of commercials to be played in the commercial break.  If you play commercials then you’ll benefit from decent commercial scheduling software.



We don’t claim to have every bell-and-whistle imaginable, but Natural Log commercial scheduling software does have the features needed by most broadcasters like:

  • Compatible with most computer automation systems (including Autoplus Advert Playout)
  • Network version offers installation/registration for up to 5 workstations on 1 copy of Natural Log



  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Unlimited number of active orders
  • Specified week & Alternating Week Scheduling
  • Specified Time & Time-Class Scheduling
  • Multiple Price & Length spots on same Order
  • Multiple Scripts/Cuts on same Order
  • Multi-Event “macro” scheduling [for linked items like intros]
  • Specified position in spot break allowed [first,last,etc]
  • Dual Product-Type protection
  • Special Log Templates available for sports
  • Special Log Templates can be automatically scheduled in advance
  • Broadcast orders can be linked to Special Log Templates so the order runs anytime the template is scheduled
  • User Specified spotset Fill Sequencing
  • Automatic “Fill-to-Length” spotsets for satellite formats
  • On-Screen Log Editor with drag-and-drop editing
  • On-Screen Log Diagnostics
  • Copy manager with Script Affidavits printed with invoices
  • Complex copy scheduling/substitutions based on day/time, etc
  • Optional eOrder system – try for free for 30 days
  • Customisable fields in Customers, Orders and Copy
  • Ability to import network spots
  • Copy can be multi-selected to add to rotator
  • Trade discount can be entered as % or amount
  • Colour coding on log to indicate breaks that are short, full or over
  • Colour coding on log templates to indicate breaks, network avails and stand-alone avails
  • E-order subscription available, allowing account reps to enter orders from any internet connected device


Billing & Accounts Receivable:

  • Calendar Month / Standard Broadcast Month
  • Weekly / End-Of-Flight / Demand
  • Invoice types: Detail, Summary, Times/Rates, Coop
  • On-Screen Invoice Editor
  • On-Screen viewing of Customer’s account, history,etc
  • Pre-billing option for customers who require an invoice prior to spots running
  • Ability to upload image for station certification or notary text
  • Ability to export invoices to Quickbooks
  • Ability to export invoices, statements and confirmations to Excel spreadsheets
  • Deposits are now handled in A/R. Can print to pre-printed Quickbooks specs deposit slip



  • Customer & Order lists sorted as desired
  • Effective Spot-Rate report for Orders & Salesmen
  • Billing-Error report available before bills printed
  • Aged Accounts-Receivable sorted as desired
  • Account Transaction-Summary [reconciliation]
  • Invoiced Sales & Collections reports with Sales Commissions
  • 6-Month Projected-Sales [booked sales] report
  • 52-week Inventory-Management [avails] report
  • All report layouts can be user modified and memorised for instant recall