Autoplus Logger


Simple, reliable and expandable audio logging software.



Simple, reliable and expandable audio logging software.


Logger was designed for radio stations who are legally required to keep a copy of all audio broadcast.  It is an audio recorder which records continuously.  Logger can record 1 or many sources simultaneously.  It also offers automatic archiving of files after a configurable number of days.

Logger is also affordable, with one-time buyout licensing available, from £80.

audio logging software for radio stations


  • Unlimited number of recording channels per PC (soundcard and resource limitations)
  • Record sound card input or internet stream (Icecast, Shoutcast or HLS stream)
  • Record to WAV, MP3, FLAC or OPUS audio formats
  • Recordings are segmented into 1 minute or 1 hour files (configurable per logger)
  • Automatic archiving of audio files. The number of days to keep recordings is configurable per logger
  • Visual representation of audio, giving reassurance that audio is being received


  • £80 per logger.  We appreciate each setup will be different, so we can provide a single key which allows multiple loggers within 1 instance of the software, or multiple license keys to run across multiple computers.
  • Licenses are manually generated and locked to a unique code for each computer. Install the software and send us the computer code which is displayed. We will then send you a license code to unlock the full functionality.