Radio Station music library

Radio automation record library

When we are working with our customers, we often find it interesting to see how many songs they have.

It may be a shock to some, but your average commercial radio station in the UK typically plays a few hundred songs at any given time.  Of course, they will have additional material in their digital record library, but we have seen stations with less than 2000 tracks stored on their system.

Lately we have been performing some software upgrades to one of our larger customers in Nigeria, Africa.  Their radio automation library had over 100,000 items!  This has to be the largest library we have seen used.  It has been interesting to see how our radio automation software performs with such a large audio library.  It works well!

Autoplus Radio Automation Software uses the industry standard MySQL (or MariaDB) to store the audio metadata.  This database is optimised so that you can quickly and easily search for titles, artists and other fields. Audio content is also organised in a hierarchical structure, with items being placed in category and subcategory.  This allows users to browse a particular list of music (for example, all music from the 90’s) with a couple of clicks.

Having such a large library does give some logistical difficulties.  Storage, backup and network throughput all spring to mind.

Autoplus Enterprise Tools brings enterprise functionality to even the smallest of stations.  You can configure automated backups of your audio content to multiple locations on your network.  The Enterprise Tools can also automatically back up your MySQL database on a regular interval, helping to reduce downtime if you have a hardware failure.



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