To buy Autoplus Radio Automation you can either buy directly from us, or via one of our distributors.

We can receive payment online using Paypal.  If you would prefer to receive an invoice, or make payment using alternative methods, please contact us.

Buy Autoplus Radio Automation software online

Product Price Buy It
Autoplus 3.8 Software Key

Software keys are file-based keys that are locked to your PC hardware.

£1100 Buy now
Autoplus 3.8 Hardware Key

Hardware keys are USB-based dongles.

£1200 Buy now
Autoplus Site Server

Offers automated importing of music and playlists, scheduled database backup, file synchronisation and backup, etc.

£660 Buy now
Enterprise Support £699/year/license
Professional Support £399/year/license
Starter Support £99/year/license

Buy Natural Software commercial and music scheduling software online

You can purchase Natural Software products directly from Autoplus Software, either as standalone products or as part of a full package including automation software.  For package pricing please contact us.

Product Price Buy It
Natural Music £500
Natural Log 9
Single station, single user.



You can buy Autoplus via one of our distributors.  Distributors also offer installation, integration and training services.

Westcountry Broadcast

Farad Media and Info Tech (Nigeria)

Eastern Electronics