Autoplus Software have been creating radio automation software for over 15 years.  Our radio automation software has been designed for reliability and ease of use.

In addition to the automation software, we also have software to help you with other aspects of your radio station.

Logger records audio for compliance purposes. Multiple audio sources can be recorded on a single PC, each with configurable automatic archiving settings. This software continually records the soundcard input, or can record an internet radio station. This software is perfect for radio stations to need to comply with regulations, such as those required in the UK by Ofcom.

Autoplus radio automation software products are robust and have a simple, non cluttered interface. We feel that this is essential for use in a broadcast environment. Another key aspect of our software that they are easy to use. Training can be minimised to keep your costs lower. Many community radio stations enjoy the benefits of this simple learning.

Radio automation software users

Radio automation software is used by broadcasters to play music, jingles, commercials and other pre-recorded material.  This is used to replace CD players and other traditional technology.  During times of the day when there is no presenter in the studio, the radio automation software takes control.  This plays audio continuously, carefully mixing each item on the playlist together and even combining live elements (such as hourly news).

The background of radio automation software can be found here on this wikipedia link.

Ease of use

Particular attention has been given to the user interface. We have consulted with broadcasters and technicians in both the BBC and commercial sectors and used their comments and suggestions to build the perfect interface. We have also worked with trainers and educators to make a product that is a powerful media training tool. We offer a special academic pricing structure for all UK schools and colleges for teaching purposes. We will also apply this pricing to selected overseas schools and colleges.

Our customer base includes commercial radio stations across the globe, hospital and community radio stations in the UK and Europe and internet broadcasters.