Autoplus TV

Designed specifically for playback of audio in the television environment. Autoplus TV audio playout has the full tools required for any sound gallery.


  • Manual and automatic ingest of audio files.
  • Support of multiple audio formats.
  • Can work as a standalone system or as part of a large network.
  • Touch screen compatible.
  • 32 channel GPIO available for integration to existing systems.
  • Dedicated keyboards (RITA3 and RITA30) available for one-click control of core features
  • Extensive metadata architecture with rights management audit reports

Playback Tools

Autoplus TV has two major playback tools.

Quick Buttons

Quick Buttons present an array of 20 pages of 20 buttons (a total of 400 buttons within 2 click). Up to 4 Quick Button machines can be open at once. Each button can contain either an audio or command event which is instantly fired with a simple click. Each button can be colour coded for ease of use.

Easy to use jingle palette with instant audio playback


Set Players

Set Players allow you to build a list of items to play in a specific order. Automatic playback of the whole set can be achieved, this is useful for playing back background music or large complicated sequences of special effects. Two Set Players are supported.


The whole operation of Autoplus TV is enhanced by using the RITA3 keyboard.