Autoplus Advert Player

Autoplus Advert Player enables your radio station to play different elements to different regions or outputs.  These elements can include advert breaks, jingles, news reports, travel, etc.  There’s no limit to the possibilities.

Split Ads can be controlled via TCP/IP, serial connections or GPI, making it the perfect partner for network programming.  Each region can have a Split Ads client at their site, fed by a satellite or IP audio/data feed.

Ad Player requires at least one Autoplus workstation to manage the audio content (importing audio, setting markers & metadata, etc).

  • Total integration with Autoplus Radio Automation Software
  • Multiple playout regions supported from single workstation
  • Auditing tools to ensure all commercials have been played
  • Reconciliation files which can be imported into traffic scheduling software
  • System can email operators when commercial logs are missing
  • System can email operators a reconciliation file on completion of a commercial log (i.e. at the end of the day).